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Since 4/2000, I have led the world in regard to knowing how to correct depression, ADHD, PTSD, Bipolar Disorder, other mental illnesses, and substance abuse naturally. Unfortunately, I am a layman, and one often without the means for basic needs, much less the ability to effect real change. Within my means, I always do the best that I can to change humanity's understanding of what health recovery should be vs. the use of symptom masking, expensive, and toxic drugs.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

An Overview of Willys Baggie I, II, and III (March 2010)


The following is an overview of Willy’s Baggies from the beginning in 2004. This overview contains links to all of the ingredients lists that I have posted on the Internet in regard to Willy’s Baggie I, II, and III.

The baggie that has been used the most, and the one more persons have had experience with for longer periods of time, is Willy’s Baggie I. This baggie was first made up in May 2006, and was used up until mid-January 2009.

The next generation of baggies was first made up in mid- January 2009. It has only been used on “an off and on basis” by a few other persons and myself since then. This sporadic use was due to my chronic limited access to adequate fiscal resources. I call this Willy’s Baggie II.

Since baggies have been used from May 2006 onward, I would guess that about ten times more of Willy’s Baggie I have been made up and used by one person or another vs. Willy’s Baggie II. The guesstimated ratio here may be even a bit higher than this.

Willy’s Baggie III is an upgrade to Willy’s Baggie II. I have just begun using it as of March 6, 2010. I only have about a two month supply of supplement material for Willy’s Baggie III. I will be using most of this myself.

All three versions of Willy’s baggies have worked very well. And all three versions of baggies share the same critical ingredients. The differences between Willy’s Baggie I, II, and III is not in regard to the “critical ingredient” category, it is in regard to the other ingredients a baggie may contain (the helpful and/or important co-factors).

Baggie Ingredients of Willy’s Baggie I, II, and III

A. Blog ingredient links and remarks regarding Willy’s Baggie I (this has also been referred as Willy’s Original Baggie in some material on this site):

1. Willy’s Original Baggie Ingredient List (December 2006)

2. A more detailed explanation of Willy’s Original Baggie (February 2007)

3. The Neurotransmitter Precursor Group of Nutrients in Willy’s Baggie; and their cost (2006)

4. Willy’s Baggie Wisdom on YouTube; the end of Big Pharma or me (August 2008)

Willy’s Baggie I; an explanation:

The baggie reflected above is not actually the original baggie Willy took in 2004. However, it is fairly close to it.

When I first made up baggies for Willy in the last few days of July 2004, I did not think that they would work. I was simply forced out of desperation to try something that had never been tried before.

Due to Willy’s insistence on taking everything all at once, in 2004 I essentially took the “bulk of understanding” out of a document I wrote in 2003, called “Concepts and Ideas To Treat Depression Naturally”, and put this “bulk of understanding” in a baggie for my son to take.

The document that Willy’s Baggie was first based on, called “Concepts and Ideas To Treat Depression Naturally” can be found on

It is rather easy to see the similarity ingredients-wise between what the above mentioned blog says and what went into Willy’s Baggies.

Even though this first baggie version in 2004 helped Willy tremendously, I admittedly “fell asleep at the switch” in the fall of 2004. I did not realize the great significance of what we had done. Due to my ignorance, I stopped giving Willy baggies altogether after about five months, as they were far too costly for me to afford. (I did continue to give Willy some of their ingredients on an on-going basis.)

The second baggie I made for Willy was first made in May 2006, at his request. Willy kept telling me for a few months prior to this that he missed his baggies (the ones he had taken in 2004). As a result of this, I made up baggies for him again, adding a half a dozen or so more ingredients, and changing the dosages of a few things.

This May 2006 baggie is the baggie that the above four links refer to. Within a matter of two to three months of giving Willy this baggie, and after often taking them myself, I realized that we had hit a home run for the entire world, as “rough and unpolished” as this second formula is.

The baggie reflected in the four links above was used, with few changes, from May 2006 until January 2009 (only about fourteen months ago), when Willy’s Baggie II was born.

As an important side note, Willy’s amazing recovery was achieved on only a baggie taken every other day. (Willy has rarely taken baggies daily, due in part to their expense.)

B. Blog ingredient links and remarks regarding Willy’s Baggie II:


Willy’s Baggie II was the result of a 5K anonymous angelic philanthropic donation I received in late December of 2008 (these funds were not actually available to me until early January 2009). The stated purpose of this donation was to see how much Willy’s Baggies could do for schizophrenia. This donation occurred as a result of Willy’s Baggie I achieving “hearing voices” remission in about a week in a person with a schizo-affective diagnosis in November 2008.

[Unfortunately, this funding source, which represents the only real break I have had from abject poverty for the past seven years, has dried up. This occurred after my being hacked by Big Pharma while writing this person a progress update in March 2009, an email that was blocked by a hacker from being sent. I felt morally obligated to report this situation to the person that had helped me, despite the fact that I knew my doing so probably meant the end of this badly needed fiscal help (it did).]

Willy’s Baggie II was used by the person with the schizo-affective diagnosis (that had first achieved symptom remission with Willy’s Baggie I in November 2008) and myself for about two and a half months straight on a daily basis (in varying amino acid dosages). This two and a half month period was between mid-January and early March 2009. I was with this person during much of this time as we experimented with the baggie’s ingredients, amino acid content, dosages, etc.

Then I ran out of baggie supplement material. And the funds to make more baggies dried up.

I was not able to supplement with any more Willy’s Baggie II, or had to use “cheat baggies” missing a lot of important ingredients for about seven months (from 3/09 to 10/09).

Finally, I was able to order supplement material for Willy’s II baggie material out of my SSD check in October 2009. I, and another man from Rome, NY, went through this Willy’s Baggie II material in about six weeks. (This man from Rome, NY got out of depression on day one, another amazing anecdotal baggie story that has yet to be told on the Internet.)

Willy’s Baggie II is a bit sloppy in regard to what ingredients it had in it, and what ingredients it did not have in it as well. I knew this from its inception. Despite this flaw of “sloppiness” of ingredient content, this baggie was somewhat superior in healing ability to Willy’s Baggie I.

I would rate Willy’s Baggie I a 7 or 7.5, and Willy’s Baggie II an 8.5, on a scale of one to ten. The difference between these two baggies is noticeable, but not significantly so. (This assumes that the broad based amino acid content in one baggie is not any higher or lower vs. the other baggie that it is being compared to.)

Willy himself has only taken a dozen (or so) baggies of this Willy’s Baggie II formula. He did not notice that much of a difference. I noticed more difference than he did, but I am more deficient in general than he is. I am also under far more stress than Willy is as well.

C. Blog ingredient links and remarks regarding Willy’s Baggie III:


This baggie has only begun to be used on March 6, 2010. As with all baggie versions thus far, it is awesome!! in its anti-depressive affect.

A number of months ago, I spent a few days online carefully trying to define a better formula than Willy’s Baggie II. And I spent hours on this same issue again just prior to ordering ingredients from Vitacost on March 3rd, 2010. This Vitacost order went out Next Day Air and arrived on March 5th.

Unfortunately, I am still missing a few ingredients that I cannot afford at this time. I do not consider any of these ingredients “critical”. They are only “helpful”, or perhaps in one instance “very helpful” to “important”.

From the very first Willy’s Baggie III that I took this past Saturday, it is my firm belief that this is the best baggie yet.

D. A simplified version of Willy’s Baggies:

Willy has been using a very simplified “ten ingredient baggie” for about a month now. He reports that there is not that much of a difference for him between this baggie and Willy’s Baggie I, the version he is still “more or less still on”.

I asked Willy to work on the above, as many persons cannot afford all of the ingredients in a Willy’s Baggie formula. What we are trying to do here is to find a baggie that works well, but is much less expensive, such that more persons can afford baggies. This effort to define “the most bang for the buck” for the world in regard to Willy’s baggies will continue on an ongoing basis until it is completed.

I do not yet have a list of the ten ingredients that Willy is using in regard to this simplified baggie at the moment. When I do get this list from Willy, and talk to him a bit about this, I will insert this information here.


There is a great deal of latitude in ingredients and dosages for baggies in general, as far as the majority of ingredients are concerned. Only some ingredients are critical, perhaps 10 to 12 of them. I will do my very best to define all of this for the world as expeditiously as I can.

I will also finish/finalize the Willy’s Baggie III ingredients blog soon. This should happen by March 15, 2010 or before.

Allen Darman

An Open Letter To All Of Alternative Medicine (March 2010)

To all practitioners of alternative medicine:

Apparently my teenage son Willy Darman’s idea in 2004 of combining a wide range of nutritional supplements, and then taking such “all at once”, was an “accidental discovery” of enormous importance for all mankind. (I call this combination of a wide range of nutritional supplements that Willy took all at once beginning in late July 2004 “Willy’s Baggie”.)

Willy’s Baggie was an “accidental discovery”. It was a discovery that was borne out of Willy’s particular set of circumstances, and my own set of circumstances as well.

One “accidental discovery” that some persons may be familiar with is that concerning Charles Goodyear and the discovery of vulcanized rubber. (The key discovery that Charles Goodyear made was that heating natural rubber and sulfur created vulcanized rubber. One day he spilled a mixture of rubber, sulfur and lead onto a hot stove. The heat charred the mixture, but didn’t ruin it. When Goodyear picked up the accident, he noticed that the mixture had hardened but was still quite usable. Goodyear had discovered the vulcanization of rubber. This was a breakthrough that Goodyear had pursued for years, due to the fact that rubber, without being vulcanized, had very few uses, while vulcanized rubber is used in everything from tires, to shoes, to hockey pucks.)

Essentially the same (“a fortuitous accident”) that happened to Mr. Goodyear, happened in regard to Willy and I.

This idea of Willy’s Baggie has proved itself out over time. It has worked with a number of other persons since 2006 in regard to profoundly resolving depressive, bipolar, and schizophrenic symptoms in an amazingly short time. Willy’s Baggie is also a big part of the the proper chemical answer for a myriad of other mental and physical (degenerative) illnesses besides those mentioned as well. (The illness called autism immediately comes to my mind. So does MS.) In addition to this, Willy’s Baggie is a big part of the proper chemical answer to many addictions, to include those of alcohol, heroin, and cocaine.

Adelle Davis was apparently right many years ago when she postulated “when healing it is best to take the entire nutrient range all at once”. Willy’s Baggie is a modern rendition of this idea, using supplement tools not available to Adelle Davis in her time.

The current version of “Willy’s Baggie” of supplements we are using is the third generation of what we have discovered. I call it “Willy’s Baggie III”. This formula, as well as the prior two formulas before the next was defined, all represent the best chemical answer for depression that has EVER been found. Rather severe and longstanding depressive symptoms can often be resolved on day one with a Willy’s Baggie, assuming a fiber purge is used three hours or so prior to taking it. (In regard to the prior two sentences, I am certain of what I am saying, due to both my own personal experience, and the experiences of other persons that have taken Willy’s Baggies as well.)

Quite obviously, issues such as hidden food allergies, intestinal dysbiosis, a lack of digestive enzymes, a high toxic load, etc. are a part of most cases of mental illness. As such, these issues should be assessed and addressed in any person that suffers from a wide range of mental illnesses. The beauty of Willy’s Baggie is that it can readily correct severe mental illness symptoms in many persons despite doing little to nothing (other than a simple fiber purge) in the above-mentioned regards.

Unfortunately, what my son and I have discovered, rather than helping millions of persons, as it easily could, has become a threat to our supplement access in the U.S. This is due to the fact that Big Pharma, or some portion thereof, realizes what I am saying is correct, while the rest of the world does not yet understand or accept what I have to say. As a result of this realization, the drug industry is doing all that it can to get healing nutritional supplements off the open market.

As one example of the above, the timing of the move (2006-2007) by the FDA to push through, on short public notice, a guidance document that would label virtually all supplements as “drugs” was very likely to have been precipitated by Willy’s original recovery story being widely cross posted to the Internet in June 2006. It was this same date that my extraordinary difficulty with hackers began.

I am personally in deep trouble, as there is “more than my repeatedly being hacked by Big Pharma” involved. To explain:

In addition to (1) having lost six different computers of my own to hackers since June 2006, (2) having three others owned by family members hacked while I was using them, and (3) being regularly hacked and disrupted using public computers in two libraries near me, this past year (4) I have had multiple unusual problems with my cell phone. These are problems that Verizon Wireless cannot explain.

My problems in the above regards have gotten worse ever since it was found a year ago that a Willy’s Baggie supplement approach could readily resolve the schizophrenic symptom of “hearing voices” within a matter of hours to a matter of days.

However, there is even more to this story than the above. I am almost certain that I nearly lost my life to goons paid for by Big Pharma on January 6th, 2010. I firmly believe that on this date, an attempt was made to grab me and make me disappear “Jimmy Hoffa style”. Due only to my alertness, “they missed”.

All of the above-mentioned unusual events are a result of Big Pharma, or some portion thereof, realizing that “if the cat gets out of the bag” (if what Willy and I discovered becomes realized for what it truly is), drug oriented medicine is in huge trouble.


I do not have either the connections, or the means (for the past seven years, I have almost chronically been “dead broke”), to move the discoveries my son and I have made forward. Due to this, I am trying to make all of alternative medicine aware of what my son and I have discovered. And I am trying to do this before it may be too late for me to do so.

In essence, I am attempting to pass “the football of knowledge” that my son and I have gained. I ask for nothing in return. I am not trying to sell anyone anything. I have no commercial or self-seeking agenda whatsoever.

If a Willy’s Baggie approach gets picked up by anyone in alternative medicine with the capability of doing something with it, drug oriented medicine, or at least a big part of it, is doomed. I am willing to assist anyone in doing this via email or the phone at no charge.


Allen Darman

Phone: 315-868-3417

Details of the above can be found on: (This is my main site.)

and (This secondary site has a before and after picture of Willy.)