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Since 4/2000, I have led the world in regard to knowing how to correct depression, ADHD, PTSD, Bipolar Disorder, other mental illnesses, and substance abuse naturally. Unfortunately, I am a layman, and one often without the means for basic needs, much less the ability to effect real change. Within my means, I always do the best that I can to change humanity's understanding of what health recovery should be vs. the use of symptom masking, expensive, and toxic drugs.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Probiotics and Their Effect on All Mental Illness

Probiotics and/or resolving gut biological issues is crucial to the treatment of almost all cases of mental illness. At least that is my opinion, an opinion that is shared by many others.

My hundreds of self trials as “a guinea pig for the world" over the past eight years or so of (1) intentionally inducing, and then (2) treating the resultant symptoms by aggravating yeast (candida), "bad gut bacteria", food allergy issues, etc. (and then correcting them) strongly concurs with the above. I cannot feel "optimal" without good gut biology; it is virtually impossible for me to do so. And real bad gut biology is absolutely crippling to both my physical and mental performance (and therefore crippling to my physical and mental health as well).

I did not learn this on my own. Sherry Rogers, M.D. (, William Crook, M.D., Doris Rapp, M.D., Gloria Gilbere, N.D., Bernard Jensen (I'd sure read these five), and many, many others taught me the importance of good gut biology. These people also taught me the fact that such gut biology can have a profound effect on the human brain (for better or for worse).

(1) Getting, (2) maintaining, and (3) keeping "good gut biology" is a key to human health, both physical and mental health.

Don't think once you get "good gut biology", you can slack off... as good gut biology is easily lost once you find it, if you are not watchful and vigilant in regard to its care.

It may be worthy to note that few persons in America have good gut biology. This is a virtual rarity in the U.S. (and many other developed nations), as a very natural diet is needed to achieve such. Who has three healthy, easy to pass, bowel movements every day, usually shortly after a meal, as Bernard Jensen discusses in his book "Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management"? I would guess not many. It is an awesome!!! feeling of well being when one achieves such (this degree of bowel health). I know this from much self-experience, not from just reading books.

It may also be worthy to note that the foods we eat do have a VERY major impact on the biology of our gut. Good gut bacteria need healthy natural foods to survive and thrive, just as we humans do. If we don't eat such healthy natural foods this really impairs the ability of "good gut bacteria" to be dominant in the GI tract vs. "bad bacteria", yeast, etc., if not makes such dominance by "good gut bacteria" in the GI tract virtually impossible.

We must learn to "tend the floral garden" in ourselves, from day to day, week to week, and month to month. No doctor can do this for us, "our doctors"; books, websites, etc. should aim to teach "us" how to do this for ourselves.

Patient empowerment such as is reflected in the above is going to be the medicine of the future... or I sure hope so anyway. It sure is not easy to do so, but I am going to do my very best in the months and years to come to make "this" happen... and "this" is full patient empowerment... such that "we are educated and learn how to become effective doctors of ourselves". (Incidentally, this is exactly what I did with my 15 year old son Willy, I taught him to become the doctor of himself... and he profoundly cured himself of ADHD/bipolar disorder Thank God.

Good gut biology is not everything, but it sure is a key part of the puzzle of resolving all "mental illnesses". I have known this since the fall of 1997.

It may be worthy to note that the use of antibiotics is the #1 factor (and refined sugar and chlorinated water are #2 and #3) in persons that have really bad gut biology, especially children (who are so overexposed to these drugs). Conventional doctors are making us all sick with one medicine class (antibiotics).... and then they are getting rich by using thousands of different toxic medications to treat the resultant physical and mental illnesses that they are creating in the first place (with antibiotics not followed by corrective probiotics afterwards).

Conventional medicine still ignores the importance of "gut biological issues" in regard to physical and mental health. They either adamantly act like, or they adamantly claim, that “good gut biology” doesn’t really matter.

Conventional medicine gets away with all of the above as a result of an undereducated or miseducated public. Topics such as probiotics, candida, food allergy, digestive enzymes, nutritional supplements, detoxification, liver cleansing, colon cleansing, etc. should be taught in EVERY high school in the U.S.... period. This should occur as a result of mandate by federal law.

Sadly, such an educational agenda for the public health and the public good is not part of either the Democratic or the Republican platform this current election year. Should we throw those bums out? After all, it is OUR tax money they are spending. Our elected federal govenment is spending hundreds of billions of our tax dollars propping up and supporting "drug oriented medicine". Drug oriented medicine is clearly obsolete. Wouldn't some of our tax dollars be wisely spent on alternative medical health education in high school vs. more of the same (drugs, drugs, and more drugs)? Doing such would make for a much happier and healthier populace, and reduce our nation's future health care costs enormously.

When will reason and common sense in the above regards prevail? How corrupted is our government by "the legal drug cartel" that it is not even considering such (more effective health education in high school), despite the fact that Americans as a whole are clearly getting much less healthy as time goes by?

Unfortunately, our federal government is much more corrupt than most people realize. There are almost 35,000 lobbyists in Washington vs. less than 550 elected federal employees to make our laws in Congress. These numbers bespeak of great wrongdoing, and they bespeak of great moral shame. Why? Lobbyists are persons that peddle influence (this means bribe, one way or another). Thousands of these lobbyists get their salaries from and represent "The Legal Drug Cartel "(big pharma). This drug cartel "buys and sells Congressmen and Senators", and even Presidents perhaps.

Big pharma is so big and so corrupt that it makes the billion dollar cocaine barons in Columbia look like “innocent little old lady dime bag dealers” on the street. Big pharma has fooled us on TV with ad after ad after ad. Big pharma has bribed our federal government with hundreds of millions of dollars to get what it wants. Big pharma has made millions of Americans sick (by the overuse of antibiotics and no probiotics afterwards). Big pharma has made millions of Americans even sicker, by using toxic drugs to treat virtually all illnesses, without ever investigating their cause (nutrient deficiencies, candida, food allergies, etc.). Big pharma has made many Americans addicted to their very costly drugs. And last but certainly not least, big pharma has surreptitiously KILLED millions of Americans with their toxic drugs, while running commercial after commercial on TV telling us "what drugs we need" and "how much they really care".

The time for civil social revolution has come. Americans need to vote, and they need to find people that are wise enough and moral enough to deserve their vote. (I just don't know all of the answers here, but I sure would like to see an IQ requirement mandated for those that we are allowed to consider for our President, as the times are becoming far too critical for "another George Bush".)

God help us all if we don't take our country back from the corruption of big pharma.

And God help us all if corruption and greed win.

Allen Darman


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