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Since 4/2000, I have led the world in regard to knowing how to correct depression, ADHD, PTSD, Bipolar Disorder, other mental illnesses, and substance abuse naturally. Unfortunately, I am a layman, and one often without the means for basic needs, much less the ability to effect real change. Within my means, I always do the best that I can to change humanity's understanding of what health recovery should be vs. the use of symptom masking, expensive, and toxic drugs.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Depression and Bipolar Disorder - Cured At Last!

Dear friends:

What follows is an egroup post that I made on the net recently, and have been continually upgrading since. I retitled this post, due the the fact it was significantly upgraded since I first wrote it. I would like to thank Dr. Sherry Rogers for this title, as essentially I am borrowing it from her book "Depression Cured At Last". Without Sherry Rogers great insight and wisdom, I most certainly would not be in the place that I am now.

The first four paragraphs of this post go into "my being hacked problem", as I was asked about this, and I thought it proper to reply.

The middle of this post involves some of my thoughts for the near future, as I travel out west to work with some folks, and stop and see a few along the way.

Most of the rest of this post involves a conceptual roadmap for dealing with depression naturally vs. using meds. It is my sincere belief that the copy that I have written in this regard "may be important to the entire human race". It is almost certainly important to that portion of the human race that suffers from depression and manic depression (bipolar disorder).

The material below does represent a significant upgrade to a document I wrote years ago, titled "Concepts and Ideas to Treat Depression Naturally". This document is all over the net. Simply "drop the quote marks", and then add my name (Allen Darman) at the end of it, and do a Google search if you wish to see this. "Concepts and Ideas to Treat Depression Naturally" was a world leading degree of understanding when I wrote it in 2003, and it is still a very worthy read today. The document below represents the next generation of what already was a world leading degree of understanding in regard to treating depression via natural means. (No ego here, I am just being honest, as in truth I am a very humble man, and certainly one that is humble before God, Nature, and Mother Earth.)

Not only has my son Willy generated an amazing recovery story, as "a nobody" I have "cracked the mystery of depression and manic depression for the whole world". This is way bigger than just "me". It is enormous. I need all the help I can get, from as many human beings that will kindly give it to me, and in any fashion whatsoever. And I need all of the capable collaboration that I can get. And God, I need help, so that I can help many others. I hope that you can hear me.

As of this moment, the mystery of how to treat depression and manic depression properly in most persons so afflicted is over! Thank God. And thank my son Willy, as the baggie was his idea, not mine.


Allen Darman

As the copy below was initially only written as an egroup post, I would like to reserve the right to "polish it and amend it" over time. However, as it stands, the copy below is very likely to be found to be "more than OK" to get the job started that I intended it to start. The copy below may actually get the job done some day... the "job" being "to end much unnecessary suffering that depression and manic depression causes so many millions of people".

Dear (name removed):

In regard to your question about how can I be hacked in a public library, I don't know how "they" do this.

One of my "regular public libraries" for months last winter was the public library in New Hartford, NY. I had many "weird computer events" happen at this library last year, ones that I am certain involved hacking. Thankfully, another library at Hamilton College in Clinton, NY must have had "better protection", as I was not hacked there at all. When I went back to the New Hartford public library from time to time last winter after my first hacking event (as it was so much closer for me driving-wise), weird things kept happening, no matter what library computer that I logged on to. After so many switches back and forth between these two public libraries, one in which I could work uninterrupted for hours on end, and the other in which I could barely open my mail without having "major weirdness problems", I knew for certain that I was hacked again.

"They" also hacked three different computers I was using at home during this time, and I saw "weird events" happen on a number of other computers that I used as well (belonging to other people). And now, this computer that I am writing on has been hacked as well. (By "hacked", I mean that somebody is "making choices based on my choices" while I operate a computer, blocking what I am trying to do in some way. This is nuts.)

All of this stuff has put me "between a rock and a hard place" as when I honestly report being hacked to the net, I lose a great deal of credibility with many people... perhaps this was "their" goal all along.

During the next few months, I am going to try to get some writing done in regard to putting a lot of my prior written work into some kind of a cohesive document that I can sell as a "book". I need to eat... I've had to tough out some pretty lean times these past five years, after my money ran out in 2002 while "trying to save the world from depression and manic depression".

Over the next few months, I am also going to try to work with a few people "one on one", and try to work out any bugs in what I am proposing to be "effective healing methodology".

My big lack here all along has been that I am not a doctor... and therefore "I simply have not had enough people yet in which to practice on". Although I know that I have discovered "some great and simple truths", truths that would be useful to millions, I still feel that I need to learn a bit more by working with a few other people.

I consider these next few months my "internship. I am not charging the people that I will be helping a dime. (You can gratuitously tip me if you want. I am so poor, I am not in a position to turn down a tip. These funds would only "help me to help others", as I have been impaired in this regard for so long. I seek nothing for myself.)

My big question for those I help is"will you testify" on camera, such that others can be helped as well. This is the "real payment" that I seek, and we need to agree on this upfront.

I need a little bit of help from those I help, as I often live on "half of an SSD check". I need (1) you to put me up in some way (I can't afford housing, but I am happy with a tent or a couch), (2) you to cover your own supplement costs (as I am way too short $$-wise "to carry two" in this regard), (3) abide by what I advise (what is the point of helping you if you insist on eating pizza, will not drink vegetable juice, and will not take the supplements that I suggest, etc.), and (4) you allow me six to eight hours of time a day to work on my laptop as well (such that I do not lose too much time trying to help others with my written work). I will try not to be a burden on you in any way. I am here to help. And I wish to deeply apologize for the cigarettes in advance. (Although I feel the stress of "having the whole world on my shoulders at the moment", I really have no excuse.)

It is almost certain in the months to come that I will be able to generate a few amazing anecdotal depression recovery stories. These stories should be similar in magnitude to the recent one of the depressed woman that I helped to get out of depression (and off ECT treatments) by the use of natural measures, and in only a single day.

I state the above in confidence. Why in confidence? A depressive state is not really that hard to treat, once one realizes the following:

(1) Longstanding depression ALWAYS involves a seriously malabsorptive state that needs to be "fixed" (of all of its common malabsorptive causes), as soon as it is practical or possible to do so.

(2) Longstanding depression ALWAYS involves a gut that needs to be "cleaned out". (I learned this critical step from Dr. Sherry Rogers of, as one of the "R"'s in her 8 "R" gut healing program was "R"emoval. Sherry Rogers was "my greatest teacher"; although I learned from many, no one else compared.)

(2a) A colonic or an enema might be very helpful here. The more putrid gut contents you can remove, the better.

(2b) It is wise to consider a dose of "high dose digestive enzymes" to chew up any stagnant under-digested contents in the gut.

(2c) It is wise to consider supplementing with both "high dose" magnesium and "high dose" vitamin C, the two "bowel loosening" nutrients, especially when constipation is present (and only one bowel movement a day represents some degree of constipation, as you should be having two or three).

(2d) It is wise to consider a bentonite and psyllium (or flaxseed) shake (P & B shakes), as clay is so unparalleled in purging a wide range of problematic things from the gut.

This point is very worthy of expansion.

I use what I term "high dosage bentonite and psyllium", in order to correct a state of severe depression in myself as quickly as I can. (The time that I need to correct a state of very severe depression in myself is about twelve hours or so, assuming I start with an empty stomach in the morning.)

The use of "high dosage bentonite and psyllium" comes with a number of safety cautions. A person using such a methodology could conceivably end up dead, from bursting their small or large intestines, and the sepsis that results.

I can correct a state of severe depression in myself without using "high dosage bentonite and psyllium". I can do this by using a lower dosage of bentonite and psyllium on a repetitive basis over a period of days in order to purge my gut, and "R"emove the bulk of its problematic contents. (Thank you again! Sherry Rogers, for teaching me this critical "R"emoval step.)

However, I don't really need bentonite and psyllium at all to correct severe depression in myself. I can use some other gut cleansing methodology (such as lots of raw vegetable juicing, with lots of fiber, coupled with probiotics, anti-candida measures, etc.) to resolve a state of severe depression in myself naturally; it just takes me two or three days longer.

In regard to the use of "high dosage bentonite" ALL of the following safety points apply: (1) It is a must to" loosen things up in the gut adequately" before applying substantial pressure to the gut walls (the small and large intestines). Bentonite and psyllium shakes can apply a lot of pressure to the gut, especially to the colon, depending on the dosage. (2) It also would help to nutrify the gut walls first for a few weeks or so in order to strengthen them. I highly recommend Willy's baggies for this. (3) It is "an absolute must" from the standpoint of safety to first remove any encrustation that you may have on your colon walls, using a series of colonics, a colema board, and/or other adequate bowel cleansing measures. (4) A "gut snapshot" (medical imaging) to check structural form and integrity (for strictures, etc.) is also very wise, if not a must, especially as one gets older.

All of the aforementioned safety steps should be done if you intend to use "high dosage bentonite", as I do, when I feel I need it. A P & B shake trial, dosing up slowly over days/weeks for safety in order to find "the therapeutic dosage that your gut needs", and one it can tolerate well, is a "must"; assuming you wish to amazingly shorten depression treatment time in yourself.

As with everything else, Educate Yourself! In regard to P & B shakes, is a very good place to start.

(2e) An adequate amount of "good water" always is helpful to clean out the gut. What is adequate? Educate yourself; things such as this are rather easily found on the net.

(2f) Even eating a few apples, or some other fibrous fruits or vegetables in an adequate quantity will substantially help to clean out the gut.

This was the very simple methodology that my son Willy solely relied on these past three years "when he ate his allergic foods and he knew that he had messed up". Despite Willy's sole reliance on this simple gut cleansing methodology, he has generated what seems to be the leading ADHD, childhood bipolar, and sickly health recovery story in the world.

"An apple a day apparently does keep the doctor away."

(Certainly, one does not need to do all of the above. They only need to do enough to "get the job adequately done". My son Willy "proved this".)

(3) Depression involves a state of fairly broad essential nutrient deficiency almost 100% of the time.

(4) Depression involves a state of fairly broad amino acid deficiency almost 100% of the time (and don't forget to always take carnitine and phospatidyl choline when taking a therapeutic dose of broad based amino acids).

(5) Willy's baggie, or a "conceptually close" rendition thereof, covers points #3 and #4 very well already, and this baggie could rather easily be improved upon to be "better than it is now".

Based on what I have seen, I cannot help but feel that broad based nutrition taken all at once (nutrients work in synergy with each other, of course!) is going to inevitably change humanity's understanding of what health, and health recovery is all about. Willy's baggie was "an important accidental conceptual discovery for all mankind". It is perhaps only a matter of a little more time before this truth is realized.

I welcome " the world" to freely take what Willy and I have stumbled into as a result of his insistence of "only one supplementation a day", due to having to hide what he was doing from his mother back in 2004. Broad based nutrition, as Willy's baggie represents, when coupled with "gut correction", food allergy avoidance, etc. is amazing in regard to its potential to heal.

And I welcome "the world" to improve Willy's baggie ingredients such that they can do even more healing-wise. This would not be that hard to do, as I am not a doctor, or formally educated past high school. I am "only some dummy" that threw a lot of supplements in a baggie, based on my own personal experience with them.

(6) It would be wise to apply Robert Cathcart's classic treatise on vitamin C ( to any state of depression, as depression involves excess toxicity in the body as well. High dose vitamin C is so effective at resolving this excess toxicity, as is lots of water. (Sherry Rogers says "one solution to pollution is dilution".)

Worthy of note here is that this classic treatise by Robert Cathcart definitely applies to the faster resolution of a candida (yeast) die-off reaction, also known as a Herksheimer reaction, should you ever run into one. As an example, I don't hesitate to take ten to fifteen grams of vitamin C right off the bat, and then three grams an hour thereafter, along with lots of water, when I run into die-off. (I don't run into serious die-off anymore, not since using "high dose bentonite and psyllium", which physically removes a ton of yeast from the gut. Bentonite might not get yeast roots, but it sure seems like it can get almost everything else.)

Every person on this planet would be wise to read and reread Robert Cathcart's classic treatise on vitamin C, and then apply this knowledge to themselves, when need be.

(7) It is helpful to realize that in cases of severe depression, nearly one's entire amino acid intake should consist of broad based free form amino acids. When a person is very depressed they cannot digest protein foods well (there is a 100% concordance here), such that much amino acid content in this protein food is lost in the toilet the next day.

(8) It is helpful to realize that to treat depression, the juicing of non-allergic organic vegetables, especially the greens, should really be considered "an absolute must".

(9) In depression, both high candida and an inadequate supply of "good bugs" should ALWAYS be assumed as being present. Other intestinal dysbiosis issues may be present as well. (These should be dealt with, of course.)

(10) In depression, ANY solid food intake whatsoever should be supplemented with an adequate amount of digestive enzymes to "fully get the digestive job done".

(11) In depression, ANY food intake whatsoever (solid or liquid) should be supplemented with vitamins B complex and C, the water-soluble vitamins that are easily lost, and that the cooking process destroys.

(12) In depression, if food intake shows any indication of "sitting in the stomach", a "dose up trial" of HCL (stomach acid) is indicated. This can be easily be done by you at home; educate yourself.

(13) In depression, bloating is a malabsorptive indicator... and the more bloated you are, the more malabsorptive you are as well. (The causes underlying this bloating and malabsorption quite obviously should be identified and fixed.)

(14) It is wise to consider avoiding solid foods altogether for a while, and eat "a liquid diet" for a week or two, to take as much pressure as possible off of the gut walls (of both the small and large intestines). Doing so can dramatically shorten the healing time for "leaky gut", especially when Willy's baggies are taken daily as well (as broad based nutrition is needed to rebuild the gut).

(15) In depression, the "optimal target of bowel health and function" should ALWAYS be Bernard Jensen's classic "three healthy bowel movements a day", about a half an hour to an hour after every meal. Even getting to two healthy bowel movements a day would greatly help, and the bare minimum of one healthy bowel movement a day is almost a "must".

(16) Autointoxication is ALWAYS present in depression. I am not going to explain this, as it is really "an absolute must" to read Bernard Jensen's classic book "Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management" to overcome depression in yourself; in fact, this is "STEP NUMBER ONE". Bernard Jensen explains autointoxication far better than I can, and he uses pictures to help us better understand the gut as well. (Bernard Jensen's books can be found by a simple "author search" on

(17) And lastly, some very good news... in depression, you only need to fix "one half of one percent" of your overall body chemistry in order to feel profoundly well, even if your state of depression was crippling, and bad enough to exhibit suicidal ideation.

I would like to introduce to the world "the principal of static vs. dynamic body chemistry".

Most chemistry of the body is tied up doing other things, and it is not involved in the chemistry of mood; I call this "static chemistry". There is only a very small portion of "fluid and dynamic chemistry" in the body that underlies one's mood, one's ability to function, and one's ability to "feel well"; I call this "dynamic chemistry". This chemistry represents only about one half of one percent of the total chemistry of the body, or even less. (I leave it up to science to determine the exact fraction here, but believe me, it's not much. The world is going to be quite surprised at how little "dynamic chemistry" turns out to be.)

To gain profound relief from depression, you only have to fix your "dynamic chemistry"; the "the key one half of one percent" (and as Willy's baggie proves, often you need to fix even less!).

I am going to prove the above to the world as expeditiously as I can. Within six months or so (a year at most) this process should be over.


The entire drug industry is in real trouble when "the public wakes up"... and perhaps what I have written here will help to make this to happen.

Nutrients cure, but drugs never do. They only add to the toxic load of the body, while masking symptoms, which is never the best thing to do.

No antidepressant medication in the world can stand up vs. the onslaught of nutrition and other natural measures as outlined in the above material, or come even close.

As far as I am concerned, once the above conceptual roadmap is properly implemented on even a half dozen other persons, "all antidepressants are toast".

The above concepts, once implemented successfully on a handful of other persons, and then put on "YouTube" as anecdotal success stories, spell the inevitable doom of the entire class of antidepressant medications.

God only knows how many other kinds of medications (that could easily be replaced with nutrients and other natural measures) will be doomed shortly thereafter.

Although the above material was written with depression in mind, every bit of it conceptually applies to the illness known as bipolar disorder or manic depression. It also applies to a myriad of other mental and physical mental illnesses.

Yes, essentially, we are dealing with a foundation therapy to recover human health.

"Get "broad based nutrients" in, while resolving all common blockages to their delivery (in regard to malabsorption), and then let God do the rest as far as healing is concerned."

Nutrients are God's chemistry. Drugs are man's. Which should you choose? Forget what the doctors say; no toxic drug can rebuild human health. (And all drugs are toxic, didn't you know?) On the other hand, nutrients are biologically obvious, and they are "just plain common sense".

Why monkey with only a few neurotransmitter levels to relieve depression by using toxic drugs?... when the use of broad based nutritional supplements and other natural measures can so readily improve the levels of them all? What a scam the drug companies have pulled on us, out of greed. Amino acids are what 99 out of 100 neurotransmitters are made out of; nutrients for depression were an answer that was simply too obvious to be ignored.

Sadly, the drug industry ignored the biologically obvious in the interest of greater profits, no matter how much suffering or death this caused to other people. (Depression and bipolar disorder most certainly cause suffering and death, and they do so to millions.) Big pharma should be ashamed for what is has done to people that suffer from depression and manic depression. Big pharma should also be held criminally liable "in a very big way" some day, even more so than "big tobacco" was years ago, when it lost billions in a court of law.

In my opinion, one definition of evil is to choose profit over the health of others, especially when those who are doing so know that "they are wrong". Big pharma is clearly evil, as they are doing just this. They are touting a myriad of medications for depression, while ignoring some rather obvious "real answers" that would fully resolve the very same. "Don't go off your medication" they tell us. What a big lie.

Big pharma is also pro-actively trying to "stop the truth" from coming out as well. I should know, as I am a victim of this, as much trouble as I have had staying online and/or "keeping computers working" in the past fifteen months or so. (This all started when my son Willy's recovery story was originally posted to the Internet in June 2006.) Suppression of truths that would greatly help human health in the interest of profit retention is evil as well.

Incidentally, I am not the only party in the alternative medical arena that has been hacked or otherwise harrassed over the Internet. Mike Adams of (a great site), and Dr. Rima Laibow of the Natural Solutions Foundation claim this as well. However, no one has been hacked nearly as much as I have, to the best of my knowledge. This does not surprise me. They know that I have learned so much that could hurt them. They also know how immediate this hurt might be. They would sure love to see me dead "tomorrow or the day after".

From this point onward, the drug companies and the doctors that "treat us with drugs, and only drugs" are guilty of "crimes against humanity". The conventional medical model has been "proven" wrong in regard to the treatment methodology that it is using to heal, by both my recovery and that of my son Willy's, as well as by the natural recoveries of many others. Yet big pharma, and the doctors that represent them, keep promoting toxic (and sometimes very addictive) substances to the general public. They represent drugs as "the only healing answer", and often an answer that is necessary for rest of one's life. What an enormous "big lie" this is. Many of the TV ads I see use the line "Trust your doctor. He knows what medication you need", or something similar. What a crock. They have got to be kidding. How stupid do they think we all are?

All I have to say to the drug companies is "bye bye tens, if not hundreds, of billions of dollars. Unless you can legally take nutritional supplements away from the general public fast enough, nutritional supplements and other natural measures are destined to replace your many of your toxic medications".

I have some good news for you. That news is that the drug companies and the doctors are not going to get away with the sinful absurdity of ignoring the role of nutrients in healing much longer. What I will be putting on YouTube and other video sites within a matter of months in regard to the effect of nutrients on depression is going to burn the drug companies to the ground. And it is going to bring the the doctors, and any other people that promote their poisons, down as well. Great shame is soon going to befall the entire medical profession. And tens, if not hundreds, of billions of dollars of lost income will inevitably follow.


Allen Darman


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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Willy's Three Year ADHD/Bipolar Recovery Story

Dear friends:

The following is a compilation of various blogs on that relate to my son Willy's ADHD and childhood bipolar recovery. I have titled this blog "Willy's Three Year ADHD/Bipolar Recovery Story" as it is just this, Willy's recovery from his diagnosis of ADHD and childhood bipolar symptoms began three years ago in August of 2004.

I would like to publicly thank the Utica Phoenix in Utica, NY for recently publishing a very substantial version of the story below (they just did not have enough room for it all). I would also like to publicly thank a New Zealand magazine called "Healthy Options" for also publishing Willy's recovery story this past March.

Allen Darman

Willy's Three Year ADHD/Bipolar Recovery Story

My son Willy was diagnosed with ADHD at six years old, and began taking Ritalin for this diagnosis about a year later. Unfortunately, things were even worse than this, as Willy exhibited classic bipolar symptoms at this age as well. Not only did he think about suicide at the tender age of six, he could talk non-stop at a very rapid pace for over an hour despite four other people being in a car. Although never diagnosed with bipolar disorder, Willy was likely to be third generation bipolar (my mother, myself, and then himself).

Willy was a sickly child throughout his childhood. He was much smaller than most other children his age. He also exhibited “easy bruising”, he had very soft teeth, he had chronic nosebleeds, and he was so sensitive to cold that I even bought him a wetsuit to go swimming with during the summer.

The biggest part of Willy’s learning disability was that “he just could not read”. Year after year he would be passed on to the next grade without the ability to read. Although his verbal comprehension was always fairly good, his reading comprehension was not. Even as late as seventh grade, Willy would often rely on his brother to read a few words on a computer screen for a video game he was playing… and Willy never read books at home on his own.

Willy’s mental and physical health today is a much different story.

At the end of ninth grade attending New Hartford Junior High School last year (2006), Willy won the Principal’s award (only four children out of about 200 received this award). He also won three other academic awards, got an 89 and a 91 on two Regents exams, and made the Honor Roll for the first time in his academic career.

This past year Willy’s academic progress continued. He repeated making the Honor Roll last November, he got a 98 on a midterm Regents exam in January, and he got a 95 on the only Regents exams he took this June. Willy also received two academic awards for effort at the end of tenth grade this year. All of this from a child that had failed third grade, was on Ritalin for about four and a half years, and was considered to be severely reading impaired as late as the end of seventh grade (June 2004).

And the best news as far as I am concerned is that for the past few years Willy can finally read books, and he reads what he is interested in on his own. He still needs to improve on his spelling, but Willy has come so far these past three years that I am sure he will be able to spell well eventually.

Willy’s change in physical health over the past three years has been no less than miraculous. Willy was only able to bench press sixty lbs. about four times in August 2004. At the end of ninth grade last year Willy could bench press 250 lbs., despite only weighing 151 lbs. himself. Willy now weighs about 175 lbs. and is only sixteen years old, but he can bench press 300 lbs., leg press 400 lbs. over 25 times, do one arm pull-ups, and do twenty five or more sit ups “uphill” on an inclined bench with a fifty pound plate on his chest (he tells me that no one that goes to his health club can do this). Willy recently won an informal weightlifting contest at the health club he attends in New Hartford, a contest in which he was competing with some persons that were both much older and much heavier than himself. In essence, Willy went from almost the weakest child in his class three years ago, to one of the strongest young men in his entire school, and he did so on his own, without any parental pushing at all.

Despite Willy having mood swings and classic bipolar symptoms throughout most of his childhood, beginning at six years of age, Willy is now "rock solid mood stable"... and he will almost certainly be so throughout the rest of his natural life. Willy simply knows far too much about "how to cure himself", and how to remain very healthy, to ever suffer from "bipolar" mood swings again.

Willy’s amazing turnaround in both physical and mental health began on a camping trip in the Adirondacks three years ago. On this trip I had brought over $500. worth of nutritional supplements with me as a result of Willy having repeatedly expressed an interest to take them. Willy had told me for months prior to this camping trip that “I want to get better the way you got better”, even though he knew his mother (my ex-wife) was adamant against the use of such. (I am a non-custodial father, and I have no legal right to intervene with Willy’s health care decisions. However, when Willy began to ask for my help in 2004, despite what the law said, as a father I really had no choice but to help my son.)

When I began to tell Willy on this camping trip that “you should take these supplements in the morning, these at lunch, and these at dinner”, Willy immediately said “No way! I have to hide all of this from Mom. Dad, I can only sneak in supplements once a day.” So I did something very unusual, which was to combine over 60 capsules or tablets of nutritional and natural supplements in a plastic baggie for Willy to take all at once. I also gave him a bottle of probiotics to take on the side. (Willy was only thirteen years old when he first began to supplement himself in this way.)

About five months after Willy began to apply nutritional and natural supplements to himself at home, “we” got caught. In December 2004 I was asked to attend a meeting at New Hartford Junior High School in which I had to admit to my ex-wife and to some school officials what Willy and I had been doing. Thankfully, Willy had already come so far in his recovery that my ex-wife wisely relented her stance against the use of nutritional supplements. At this point she let Willy and I continue to work together without interference.

Although Willy said he felt great for about four days from the very first baggie of supplements that he took, I never thought Willy would come as far as he has from such a simple to implement approach involving a wide range of nutritional supplements taken all at once every other day or so, with some vitamins, digestive enzymes, probiotics, etc. taken in between. I sure was wrong in this assumption, as Willy’s recovery these past three years has been rather substantial, to say the least. He just keeps getting healthier and stronger month after month, and he has no symptoms of either ADHD or bipolar disorder whatsoever. Willy is simply a happy and contented young man, and one that tries his best at all times.

I first discovered the wisdom of alternative medicine in the summer of 1997. As a result of this, Willy did have laboratory tests taken of his mineral and amino acid levels ( in the fall of 1997. Dr. Charles Gant, an alternative doctor, administered these tests. The test results showed that Willy was low in all essential minerals tested, with the exception of copper, which he was high in. They also showed that Willy was low across the entire amino acid range.

Unfortunately, Willy's pediatrician, a conventional medical doctor, totally ignored the abovementioned test results of many essential nutrient levels. These test results were not acted upon for almost seven years, until Willy began to supplement himself in August of 2004.

Sadly, essential nutrient levels simply don’t matter at all to the conventional medical system and conventional medical doctors in the United States. By FDA mandate (law), ONLY A DRUG can be used to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and amino acids are not drugs. Doctors actually face being brought up on charges before a medical review board, and the potential loss of their license to practice medicine, if they effectively address nutrient deficiencies in ADHD children rather than use drugs (such as Ritalin, Concerta, Adderall, etc.). In addition to this, doctors cannot make money by prescribing nutritional supplements, as any member of the public can simply buy what they need off of the Internet or in a health food store.

The sad truth is that pharmaceutical money controls and directs medical reality. As a result of this doctors continue to treat serious nutrient deficient states (such as ADHD, bipolar disorder, autism, etc.) in persons with drugs. These drugs never actually cure such illnesses, but only mask (hide) one’s symptoms. Doctors and medical researchers continue to ignore the fact the therapeutic use of nutrients and other natural measures can cure people of ADHD and bipolar disorder (the anecdotal evidence is absolutely overwhelming in these regards). Only drugs matter and essential nutrient levels don't matter at all. This is how backward (corrupt?) the conventional medical system in the U.S. actually is.

The use of nutrients to deal with ADHD and bipolar disorder is only common sense. Early on in his recovery I taught Willy the basics of the human body as follows: if one takes the water out of an average human body, the remainder by weight would be about 70% amino acids, 20% fats, 5% minerals, and a small amount of vitamins and toxins. I also taught Willy that there are roughly 100 known neurotransmitters, and that 99 of these are primarily amino acid based, with various vitamins and minerals often needed in their production. From my own experience, I knew that supplementing with vitamins, minerals, and broad based free form amino acids readily increases almost all neurotransmitters. Increasing neurotransmitter levels can have a profoundly positive effect on mood, brain function, and brain performance.

The single neurotransmitter that is not amino acid based is a major neurotransmitter called acetylcholine. I had also learned in my recovery that acetylcholine in my brain could be rather readily increased by supplementing with the nutrient combination of phosphatidyl choline and L-carnitine (in addition to other supplements that he would be taking). I told Willy that the nutrient combination of L-carnitine and phosphatidyl choline would probably slow his brain way down, such that he could focus much better and not be hyperactive (it did just this for Willy, just as it did for me).

There are only four classes of essential nutrients; vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and essential fatty acids. Willy’s baggie contained them all. In loading Willy’s baggie, I used a quality multi-vitamin/multi-mineral tablet readily available in many health food stores, or on the Internet. To this I added more vitamin B complex, vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, and zinc, as I felt this tablet just did not have enough for Willy’s needs. I also used broad based “good oils”, to include capsules containing coconut, fish, cod liver, flax, borage, evening primrose, and olive oil. And to cover the last class of essential nutrients, I added over twenty capsules of free form amino acids that covered the entire amino acid range, as I had found these so incredibly helpful in overcoming bipolar disorder in myself. (Twenty capsules of amino acids may seem excessive to some people, but this equates to only 10 grams of protein, or about an egg and a half’s worth.)

In addition to supplementing Willy with the entire range of essential nutrients, to his baggie I added the “supergreens” of chlorella, spirulina, and super blue-green algae (we humans just don’t eat enough greens, like chimpanzees do), quercetin (a food allergy mediator), L-carnitine and phosphatidyl choline (to cover the key neurotransmitter amino acids miss), milk thistle (a detoxification aid), grape seed extract (an antioxidant found helpful for ADHD), and some powerful digestive enzymes (all persons diagnosed with ADHD and bipolar disorder lack digestive enzymes, at least some of the time). Essentially I took every supplement that I had found to be helpful to me in overcoming manic depression in myself, and combined them in a baggie for my son, hoping for the best. I could not be more pleased with the results, nor can Willy.

Malabsorption was the reason why Willy was so deficient in essential nutrients, such that he lacked health and his brain “did not work quite right”. I taught Willy that the use of supplements is not the whole story as far as his recovery was concerned. “It is not just what you eat, or what you supplement with, it is what you digest and absorb into your body that is important”. Many essential nutrients simply get pooped out into the toilet a day or two later in persons that are absorbing well, and I told Willy that he was one of these persons, just as I was for years until I discovered the wisdom of alternative medicine and how to fix malabsorption in myself.

Alternative medicine has done a great job over the years in identifying the common factors that cause essential nutrient malabsorption in ADHD children. Dr. Doris Rapp and Dr. William Crook are two notable pioneers in this regard. Both of these doctors identified hidden food allergies and candida (a common problematic yeast in the gut) as being two of the largest factors underlying nutrient malabsorption in ADHD kids. They taught us that malabsorption due to unrecognized hidden food allergies and candida is actually the cause of ADHD in most children that receive this diagnosis. I found in my own recovery that the resolution of hidden food allergies and candida applies rather heavily to the correction (cure) of bipolar disorder as well.

On the critical issue of hidden food allergy, I taught Willy what to look for in regard to food allergens, and he has learned how to identify and at least partially avoid a number of food allergens in himself. Eggs seem to be Willy’s most serious allergen, as they are mine. Willy does not drink milk, he knows that he reacts negatively to popcorn, pizza, ice cream, and he avoids sugar, for the most part. He also eats more fresh fruits and vegetables than most children his age. A bit surprising to me is that Willy tested allergic ( again) to both wheat and dairy in 1997, yet he has remarkably recovered despite not strictly avoiding these foods. Willy tells me that his baggie of synergistic nutrients has helped to reduce his food allergy reactions. He also tells me that eating a few apples or other fibrous food helps to clear out his gut after he eats allergic foods. However, Willy knows that he is wise to avoid certain foods, or he will pay a price for a little while in not feeling that well.

Willy was chronically constipated as a child, and sometimes severely so. Constipation is strongly indicative of a low amount of good gut bacteria known as probiotics. Probiotics are scientifically known to be absolutely necessary for human health. Probiotics are also necessary in order to keep candida, a yeast which is present in everyone to some degree, from overgrowing in the gut such that it becomes problematic to one's health.

I gave Willy various probiotics over the past three years, starting with the best I knew of (Primal Defense Ultra), and then switching to various others due to its cost. I continually harped to Willy about the critical importance of probiotics in order for him to recover. I told him repeatedly that supplementing with probiotics daily was almost as important as taking all of the supplements in his whole baggie. I also told Willy that that he should dose up slowly with probiotics (to avoid a die off reaction) to the point he was having at least one good sized bowel movement a day (and that two would be even better).

[Perhaps worthy to mention here is that a double blind study in regard to the use of probiotics by autistic children collapsed last summer due to the fact that parents refused to give their children placebos vs. probiotics, and pulled their kids out of the study, when they saw how much that probiotics had improved the autistic children that were receiving them. This study, one in which the major media in the U.S. was strangely silent on, was done by Glenn Gibson in the UK. (see]

Incidentally, probiotics are killed by antibiotics. Willy had multiple rounds of antibiotics for ear infections as a child. Antibiotic use almost certainly caused Willy to have low probiotic levels in his gut, as well as high candida levels (one heavily relates to the other). It is inevitable (inevitable because it is the truth) that antibiotic use will be found to be a common contributory causative factor of ADHD, bipolar disorder, and autism. This is a situation that the current medical model virtually has to turn a blind eye to and completely ignore... due to the likelihood of a massive class action lawsuit against it some day, once the facts that (1) antibiotics decimate probiotics, and (2) probiotics are critical to maintaining human health (both mental and physical health) become much more widely known.

In general, Willy’s recovery was comprised of three basic parts: (1) Apply a wide array of nutrients that may be lacking (as his lab tests in 1997 showed), (2) while resolving all common factors that block such nutrients from adequately arriving into the body (hidden food allergies, low levels of probiotics in the gut, candida, a lack of digestive enzymes, underhydration, a lack of exercise such as walking, etc.) at the same time… and then (3) let God/Nature/the wisdom of the body (whatever term you prefer) do the rest, as far as healing is concerned.

It certainly appears that, in a very big way, the brain is simply "a secondary target organ" to "primary gut events”. Heal the gut of any problems it may have, avoid hidden food allergens, take in an adequate amount of essential nutrition in food and supplement form, and the brain will invariably follow suit (heal as well). This general principal not only seems to apply to the brain, it seems to apply to every other organ and cell in the body as well.

As well as Willy has become in the past few years, he continues to strive for more. A few months ago, I suggested to Willy that he should try a detoxification substance called zeolite to remove some of the deep toxins that may still reside in his body and brain, as the result of being chemically compromised for so many years as a child (a lack of nutrients leads to weakened detoxification ability, as all detoxification pathways in the body and the brain are 100% nutrient dependent). Willy has been slowly dosing up with zeolite drops these past few months, and reports to me that "this is real good stuff". Not only has it cleared up some acne issues he had, he feels somewhat better from taking it (which means it is very likely to be removing some toxins that still resided in him).

Other than my own personal experience, the knowledge that I used to help my son came out of books written by Dr. Sherry Rogers (,"Depression Cured At Last", "No More Heartburn" - two "must reads", etc.), Dr. Doris Rapp, Dr. Jeffrey Bland, Dr. William Crook, Dr. Priscilla Slagle - a free "must read" ebook called "The Way Up From Down", and a very good beginning at conceptual understanding, at,
Jordan Rubin, Bernard Jensen, and others. I cannot thank these and other alternative medical authors enough; first they saved me from over thirty years of bipolar symptoms, and then they saved my son from a severe lack of health.

Lastly, Willy, I would like to say a few words to you. You have taught the whole world something very significant about health, and about health recovery. Perhaps some day the world will have the wisdom to thank you for what you did to cure yourself, beginning at age thirteen. And son, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Not only did you teach me a great deal, the baggie of nutrients that you insisted upon three years ago has greatly simplified my own chemical correction... and for the past few years it has profoundly helped me.

And Willy, it appears that your baggie of synergistic nutrients, in one form or another (as it becomes refined by others), when coupled with an adequate degree of "gut correction", may be destined to help millions of people some day. (Willy and I believe that the very broad based and adequately balanced nutrient approach that we are using would help many people that suffer from depression. This is especially true after Willy's baggie, some raw vegetable juice, and some allergic food avoidance got a person receiving ECT treatments for depression to stop taking them... and much better from a longstanding depressive state in only a single day.)

Allen Darman


Note: More specifics of Willy's baggie ingredients, as well as a more detailed explanation of them, can be found in two prior blogs on These same two blogs also can be found on a second site

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