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Monday, April 06, 2009

A Real Cure For Schizophrenia Has been Found!

A better natural answer to correct depressive, bipolar, and schizophrenic symptoms than has ever been discovered thus far has recently been found.

As a result of varying degrees of contribution from three laypersons, a powerful and amazingly fast-acting “natural chemical answer” in which to resolve the schizophrenic (and schizoaffective) symptoms of “hearing voices”, hallucinations, and depression HAS FINALLY BEEN FOUND. This occurred between mid-November 2008 and early March 2009.

I, Allen Darman, am one of the laypersons referred to in the above.

I should get the credit for knowing what to put in “Willy’s Baggie” (and now “Willy’s Baggie II) as a result of my own personal experience with using a wide range of nutritional and natural supplements beginning in September 1997.

My son William (“Willy”) Darman, whom first came up with the idea of “Willy’s Baggies” of supplements in July 2004, and now realizes that “Willy’s Baggie II” is much better than our original formula, is another person that should share in the credit of how to resolve schizophrenia naturally.

My son Willy should get this credit due to the idea that he had in July 2004 of combining a very wide range of nutritional and natural supplements together and then “taking them all at once”. I would have never done things this way. Willy “hit a home run for the entire world” when he insisted on using this supplement approach. Without this original idea of his, “nothing would have happened”. Willy clearly invented what I call “Willy’s Baggie”, and he should be given credit for this. (Note: “Willy’s Baggie II” has replaced this original baggie.)

An anonymous man in Ohio has taken about fifty “Willy’s Baggies” of varying ingredients and broad based amino acid content since November 2008. He is the third person involved in cracking the mystery of how to properly treat schizophrenia for the world. (I do not feel comfortable naming this man without his notarized written permission. I have suggested that if he wants to go public with who he is and what has happened to him that he go on YouTube and tell his story to the world.)

This man discovered that fully overcoming the schizophrenic symptoms of “hearing voices” and “seeing things” (hallucinations) can be readily achieved simply by the use of a wide range of nutritional and natural supplements. Such symptoms can be resolved within a matter of hours to a matter of days, using no medication whatsoever; despite the fact such symptoms may have been quite severe. This man should get credit for these discoveries. (Without his input on these topics of what helped him, “by how much”, and “how fast it took for such help to fully correct his symptoms”, I would not have yet known what I needed to know in order to write this blog.)

This man also discovered that substantially higher broad based amino acid dosages than that contained in Willy’s original baggie were needed in order to achieve significantly better and much faster acting therapeutic results. He feels that roughly forty (40) to fifty (50) grams a day overall of “free form amino acid component” is the right neighborhood in which to achieve the best therapeutic results.

This man has essentially told me that he feels that if he has “Willy’s Baggie II” in a forty to fifty gram dosage range to take on a daily basis he will never need any psychotropic medication to control his “hearing voices”, “seeing things”, and depressive symptoms for the rest of his life. He has also had VERY substantial success in fully controlling his symptoms while taking “Willy’s Baggie II” with a free form amino acid loading that was only about twenty-five grams or so.

This man’s discovery of higher amino acid need in the forty (40) to fifty (50) gram range is essentially a re-discovery. Over nine years ago I discovered that about fifty (50) grams a day of broad based free form amino acids taken on a daily basis was CRITICAL to the proper resolution of a state of chronic and serious depression in myself. I also realized over nine years ago that this need for high dosages of balanced broad based free form amino acids in the fifty (50) gram range applied to tens of millions of other depressed persons, and not just myself. At this point in time I did not realize that this kind of balanced broad based free form amino acid dosage taken on a daily basis was THE CRITICAL MISSING KEY to properly resolving schizophrenic symptoms as well. Over the years, I began to suspect such. AS OF MID-JANUARY 2009 I KNEW FOR A FACT THAT THIS SUSPICION WAS “DEAD ON THE MONEY”.

The natural chemical answer that we three persons have co-discovered to treat schizophrenic symptoms involves the use of NO MEDICATION WHATSOEVER.

The natural chemical answer that we have co-discovered MAKES ALL ANTI-PSYCHOTIC MEDICATION OBSOLETE.

The natural chemical answer that we have co-discovered ALSO MAKES ALL ANTIDEPRESSANT MEDICATION OBSOLETE as well.

The natural chemical answer that we have found also heals much more than schizophrenia and depression. It heals bipolar disorder and many other “psychiatric labels” as well. It may heal, or greatly help to heal, illnesses with names such as alcoholism, MS, fibromyalgia, cocaine, and heroin addiction as well.

Willy’s Baggie II may be looked at AS THE MOST IMPORTANT HEALTH DISCOVERY IN HUMAN HISTORY SOME DAY. (There is no doubt about this in my mind.) It is far bigger than the discovery of antibiotics. (This assumes that Big Pharma does not successfully bribe lawmakers in the U.S. such that “critical healing nutritional supplements are taken away from us”.)

As rough as it is (it could easily be improved), “Willy’s Baggie II” is my best current rendition of what a broad based supplement regime for depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia should be. (Admittedly, “Willy’s Baggie II” will continue to improve over time, just as Willy’s original baggie did.)

A number of other persons have taken “Willy’s Baggies” since they were first invented besides us three persons as well. To each and every one of you that did this, I wish to say “I thank you from the bottom of my heart”. I learned something of significance from every one of you. You all should get credit some day for what you did to help me develop critical health knowledge for the entire world, regardless of how many baggies that you took after “that first one”, or whether they worked out for you or not. (Some people that failed on Willy’s baggies needed some “gut work” and/or “diet work” for Willy’s baggies to work. In addition to this, earlier versions of Willy’s baggies were not nearly as good therapeutically as Willy’s Baggie II is.)


Not recognizing the need in those with severe psychiatric symptoms for balanced broad based free form amino acid supplementation in the forty to fifty gram range (about) is destined "to hang conventional medicine" in "the court of public opinion". How could something this biologically obvious have been ignored for so long?

Not recognizing the need in those with severe psychiatric symptoms for balanced broad based free form amino acid supplementation in the forty to fifty gram range (about) is destined to topple drug-oriented medicine some day.

The general public will not stand for the fact that depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia could ALL HAVE BEEN CURED, IF ONLY THE BIOLOGICALLY OBVIOUS WAS ADDRESSED... instead of the prescription of drugs, drugs, and more drugs... simply for the sake of the money being made.

Not recognizing the need in those with severe psychiatric symptoms for balanced broad based free form amino acid supplementation in the forty to fifty gram range (about) is also the reason that a great deal of alternative medical knowledge is both erroneous and obsolete as well. (A good deal of pre-existing alternative medical knowledge was erroneous and obsolete nine years ago, as a result of what I had self-discovered about how to treat a state of depression properly.)

Alternative medicine has defined a number of natural chemical answers for schizophrenia over the years. Two doctors that were involved in this were Dr. Abram Hoffer (now retired), and Dr. William Walsh. As of March 2009, the natural chemical answers that Dr. Abram Hoffer and Dr. William Walsh have found in which to treat schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and depression are obsolete. (Only parts of these two doctors answers are not obsolete. On the key topic of what to supplement with their answers are obsolete.)

Older medical truth, both conventional and alternative, may hold up quite a bit longer. New medical truths of any sort traditionally take decades to replace older ones. Such may be the case here.

Regardless of any delay involved, it is my belief that the discovery of "Willy's Baggie II" most certainly means that Big Pharma, as we know it today, IS DOOMED.

Allen Darman

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