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Since 4/2000, I have led the world in regard to knowing how to correct depression, ADHD, PTSD, Bipolar Disorder, other mental illnesses, and substance abuse naturally. Unfortunately, I am a layman, and one often without the means for basic needs, much less the ability to effect real change. Within my means, I always do the best that I can to change humanity's understanding of what health recovery should be vs. the use of symptom masking, expensive, and toxic drugs.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Is Big Pharma Evil?; part two

Dear friends:

I had a person in an egroup that I posted the previous blog to titled "Is Big Pharma Evil; the results of three searches" question my use of the world "evil" in regard to the doctors that use drugs as "their healing agents".

What follows is my reply, a reply that I admit that I improved a little bit:

Dear (name removed):

I don't know if you are familiar with Mike Adams of, but he feels the same way as I do about Big Pharma. Thankfully, he has 1,000,000 readers or so getting his free newsletter (this newsletter is sure worth getting). If one was to ask Mike Adams of the one word that best describes Big Pharma, I have absolutely no doubt he would use the word "evil".

I most certainly agree that there are many good, moral, and caring doctors, who do their very best with what they know in regard to healing and/or alleviating (masking) symptoms with drugs.

Unfortunately, all conventional medical doctors are limited by a system in which legally only a drug can diagnose, treat, prevent, and/or cure ANY disease. If they try to use nutrients to actually heal and/or ever claim such, they can have their license to practice medicine either suspended or revoked.

I see Big Pharma as evil due to the fact that I blame this industry for "buying the law" (FDA policy is law) that still limits drugs as healing agents, despite enormous anecdotal evidence to the contrary.

I also see Big Pharma as evil as they are behind Codex, which is trying to take healing nutritional supplements out of the public's hands, and often succeeding (just look at what is happening in Canada, Australia, and many other countries all over the world in this regard).

In addition, I see Big Pharma as evil, as these people definitely know that low neurotransmitter levels are indicated in a state of depression, and yet they choose to ignore that fact that free form amino acids and other nutrients can so readily change neurotransmitter levels, and do so within a matter of hours. Big Pharma is essentially ignoring the biologically obvious when dealing with depression, simply for the sake of the money.

And lastly, I see Big Pharma as evil as I have had a world leading degree of understanding in how to correct depression naturally since 4/2000... but as soon as my son Willy got amazingly better from ADHD, bipolar disorder, and weak and sickly health in June 2006, such that persons might have actually believed what I had been saying about the resolution of depression for a number of years... any personal computer that I seem to use gets hammered by thousands of attempted intrusions... and often hacked to the point it is useless. (I have lost four personal computers to hackers since June 2006, and I may soon lose my fifth. I have even been repeatedly hacked while using computers in a public library... this is nuts.)

I am being intimidated and slowed down in my work to try help the world... apparently because Big Pharma is scared to death of people coming out of a very severe state of depression within a matter of hours to a matter of days by nutrients and other natural measures, as I discovered can often easily be achieved, assuming depression was addressed properly.

Money directs medical reality, and Big Pharma is the party making the most money. Big Pharma is putting its own corporate profits ahead of much human suffering and much human death... and it is doing all that it can to squash "the real truths of healing". In doing these things it is most certainly evil.

Many doctors are often innocent victims of Big Pharma and its many great lies, just as us patients are. I don't blame the doctors for our corrupt medical reality even a tenth as much as much as I blame Big Pharma... that's for sure.

Allen Darman

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An addendum: I continue to attach my son Willy's picture to blogs on, as in regard to overcoming ADHD and manic depression naturally, he has set a course to follow for the entire world. Willy's baggie of supplements and his taking probiotics daily continues to give him great results, and we continue to learn more and more over time. Willy is still only seventeen (he will turn eighteen in September). He continues to get healthier and stronger month after month. I am absolutely amazed that Willy, after being a weak and sickly child all thoughout his childhood, can bench press 315 lbs., do seven one hand pull-ups, and can do handstands against a wall and then do twenty push-ups of his entire body with his feet in the air, despite his weighing about 170 lbs.. And Willy is "mood stable as a rock", unless he overeats too much of his allergic foods. (He knows how immediately correct for these very minor mood dips from his making poor food choices from time to time, and he has known this stuff for years.)

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